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Alpha Testing geotechnical drilling rigs include six ATV rigs and five truck mounted units. Geotechnical drilling is dispatched from San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston. For geotechnical drilling in Texas, Alpha Testing can meet your need for hollow stem auger, wire-line, coring, wash rotary and air rotary drilling with in-house crews and equipment.

Alpha Testing's ATV geotechnical drilling units allow us to work in most terrains, and in most weather induced ground conditions.

Alpha Testing has held TxDOT geotechnical drilling contracts with the TxDOT Bridge Division in Austin, and with the TxDOT North Region.

Standard Truck Mounted Units

CME 75 Truck Mounted
CME 55 Truck Mounted - 2
Mobile B-47 Truck Mounted
Mobile B-53 Truck Mounted

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mounted Units

CME 55 ATV Mounted (75 Equivalent) - 2
CME 55 Track Mounted 
CME 45 ATV Mounted
Mobile B-53 Extreme ATV Mounted
Mobile B-50 ATV Mounted

Direct Push  Unit - Interior Access

Interior Hydraulic (DPT) Direct Push Technology Rig


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