Construction Materials

Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

Construction materials testing from Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas regional offices is performed by local staff. Alpha Testing construction materials testing uses in-house staff and equipment, including structural steel and IBC special inspections. Alpha Testing staff hold CWI, ACI, Troxler, NICET, TxDOT and TxAPA designations.

Alpha Testing performs the complete spectrum of construction materials testing (CMT) and inspection services, as well as construction materials engineering (CME). Close coordination with the geotechnical engineering department provides rapid response to field constructability questions.


Alpha Testing A2LA

A2LA Accreditation Construction Materials Testing Houston: The Houston office of Alpha Testing holds A2LA Accreditation for Construction Materials Testing. Click here for current          accreditation.

ASTM E-329:
Alpha Testing complies with the requirements of ASTM E-329, governing the operation and accreditation requirements.

Alpha Testing - TxDOT

TxDOT:  Alpha Testing is TxDOT Pre-Certified in 12.00 and 14.00 categories, and can assist with QA and QC testing programs.

Pre-Certifications: 12.1.1 Asphaltic Concrete Production, 12.1.2 Portland Cement Concrete, 12.1.3, Materials Engineering, 12.1.4 Asphaltic Concrete Placement, 12.1.5 Portland Cement Concrete Placement, 12.1.6 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Production, 12.1.7 Embankment/Subgrade/Backfill/Base Placement, 12.2.1 Plant Inspection and Testing


Alpha Testing - USACE

US Army Corps of Engineers: Alpha Testing holds Laboratory Validation for Aggregate Tests, Concrete Tests, and Soils Tests.

ACIL: Alpha Testing exceeds the recommended requirements for independent laboratory qualifications as published by the American Council of Independent Laboratories.


 Alpha Testing - AASHTO

AASHTO: Alpha Testing laboratories are accredited by the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) and participate in the assessment and proficiency testing programs of the Cement & Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL).

Alpha employs engineering technicians holding ACI and NICET training and appropriate credentials.

Alpha Testing Construction Materials Testing Services


    • Soils classification
    • Moisture - density relationships / standard & modified proctors
    • Placement observation
    • In place density testing
    • Sub-grade stabilization (lime, cement, fly ash) observation and testing
    • Water and Chemical injection observation
    • Moisture Content confirmation drilling - injection projects

Foundation Observation/Pier Inspections

    • Deep foundations (drilled piers / auger cast piles and driven piles)
    • Drilling Inspection / Forming Inspection
    • Reinforcing steel placement
    • Concrete placement
    • Post-Tension Cable Inspection

Concrete Testing

    • Mix design & trial batches
    • Batch plant and placement evaluations
    • Compliance testing of aggregates, including gradations, fineness modulus, absorption, specific gravity and unit weight
    • Cylinder & beam molding and testing
    • Maturity meter evaluations
    • Floor flatness testing (FF / FL)
    • R-Meter & Ferroscan
    • Windsor probe evaluations
    • Diamond bit concrete coring for compression strength and /or petrographic analysis


    • Mortar & grout mix design
    • Block prism testing
    • Mortar & grout testing

Structural Steel - CWI, CAWI, and NDT

    • Shop Fabrication Inspections
    • Shop and Shop Audit Inspections - national and international
    • Welding procedures and Welder performance qualifications
    • Steel Erection observation and testing
    • Structural Steel Inspections
    • Bolt tension testing
    • Welding Inspections - NDT, NDE , Visual
    • Dye penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particles, radiography (X-Ray)
    • Pipe Thickness Testing
    • Paint Thickness

IBC/UBC Special Inspections

    • Roofing Inspections
    • Spray Applied Fire Proofing Special Inspections
    • Structural Masonry Special Inspections

Quality Control (QC) / Construction Inspection Services

    • Rail and highway construction
    • Contractor QA services

Roofing Evaluations and Testing

    • Roof installation and monitoring
    • Laboratory roof cut analysis
    • Moisture surveys, infrared and nuclear

Special Laboratory Testing

    • Sieve analysis (dry or wet method)
    • Specific gravity of aggregates
    • Organic matter
    • Percent finer than 200 mesh
    • Absorption
    • Moisture content
    • Bulk unit weight
    • Los Angeles abrasion
    • Sodium sulphate soundness test

Bituminous Mixtures

    • Mix designs
    • Batch plant calibration
    • Field observation and testing
    • Density determination in place and core density
    • Extraction to determine asphalt percentage and gradation of materials


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