D/M/WBE Participation

Jeff Wilt

Principal in Charge - Jeff Wilt, PG   |   Email Jeff

Alpha Testing benefits from expertise provided by D/M/WBE firms and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB), while fostering the success and growth of these firms. Alpha Testing appointed Wilt as Principal in Charge for the D/M/WBE Department.

Marianne Stanton

D/M/WBE Compliance Manager - Marianne Stanton   |   Email Marianne

As D/M/WBE Compliance Manager, Stanton is tasked with identifying certified and technically qualified D/M/WBE and HUB team partners, preparing project specific plans for utilization of D/M/WBE and HUB partners, and administrative reporting.

Alpha Testing D/M/WBE Policy

Alpha Testing has formalized our D/M/WBE Policy in order to meet our internal compliance goals as well as meet the goals of our clients. Simply put, Alpha Testing aims to afford all opportunity to technically qualified firms, to advance our efforts with the expertise and technical specialization of our D/M/WBE and HUB partners, and to provide our clients with capable and qualified D/M/WBE and HUB partners to meet their participation goals.

Partnering with Alpha Testing

To be considered for future teaming opportunities with Alpha Testing, please send D/M/WBE and/or HUB certifications along with company qualifications to our D/M/WBE Compliance Department.

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