Geotechnical Engineering - Where it All Begins

Alpha Testing geotechnical engineers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio direct field acquisition, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluations. Recommendations are client and site specific, and are provided by local engineering staff. Staff specialize in active clay, or heaving clay, engineering in Texas. As an integral part of the project team, we assist during the design and development phase of your project.


Alpha Testing A2LAA2LAccreditation Geotechnical Testing Houston: The Houston office of Alpha Testing holds A2LA Accreditation for Geotechnical Engineering. Click here for current accreditation.

ASTM E-329: Alpha Testing complies with the requirements of ASTM E-329, governing operation and accreditation requirements.

Alpha Testing TxDOTTxDOT: Alpha Testing is TxDOT Pre-Certified in the 14.00 geotechnical engineering categories.

Pre-Certifications: 14.1.1 Soil Exploration, 14.2.1 Geotechnical Testing, 14.3.1 Transportation Foundation Studies, 14.4.1 Building Foundation Studies, 14.5.1 Evaluation & Design of Geotechnical Related Structures

Alpha Testing Geotechnical Engineering Services


    • Site selection and feasibility studies
    • Foundation design/recommendations
    • Exploration and laboratory testing
    • Geotechnical specifications
    • Expansive soil engineering

Retaining Structures

    • Conventional retaining walls
    • Steel or concrete pile walls
    • Drilled pier walls
    • Slurry walls
    • Tie-back design

Earth Dams and Levees

    • Embankment studies
    • Materials selection
    • Seepage analysis
    • Erosion Control
    • Docking facilities and bulkheads

Construction Specifications

    • Sub-grade preparations
    • Fill placement and compaction
    • Excavations and dewatering
    • Protection of existing facilities
    • Drilled shaft and pipe installation


    • Hydrologic studies
    • Groundwater resources evaluation
    • Aquifer test
    • Groundwater geology
    • Seepage studied and cutoffs

Engineering Geology

    • Geologic studies and mapping
    • Rock anchors/slope stability
    • Escarpment studies
    • Petrographic analysis

Soil Stabilization

    • Materials testing/evaluation
    • Foundation excavation inspection
    • Groundwater control
    • Design of systems and methods


    • Design - highways, streets, airports
    • Existing pavement evaluations
    • Sub-grade evaluations/improvements
    • Fill compaction control
    • Groundwater control

Field Exploration and Monitoring

    • Slide movements
    • Settlements - subsidence
    • Pore pressure measurements
    • Geophysical investigations
    • Pile or pier load tests


    • Highways, streets, railroads, airports
    • Soil or rock cut slope design
    • Instrumentation and field monitoring
    • Bridge foundation design

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