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Geotechnical Engineering

Alpha Testing geotechnical engineers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio direct field acquisition, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluations. Recommendations are client and site specific, and are provided by local engineering staff. Staff specialize in active clay, or heaving clay, engineering in Texas.  |  read more on Geotechnical Engineering >

Construction Materials Testing

Construction materials testing from Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas regional offices is performed by local staff. Alpha Testing construction materials testing uses in-house staff and equipment, including structural steel and IBC special inspections. Alpha Testing staff hold CWI, ACI, Troxler, NICET, TxDOT, and TxAPA designations.  |  read more on Construction Materials Testing >

Environmental Services

Alpha Testing environmental services include ESA (Phase I ESA and Phase II) from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth offices. Asbestos surveys and management plans are also provided by Alpha Testing. Let us help you in Texas with due diligence services related to raw land or developed urban property.  |  read more on Environmental Services >


Alpha Testing geotechnical drilling rigs include six ATV rigs, one ATV/Track rig, and six truck mounted units. Geotechnical drilling is dispatched from San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston. For geotechnical drilling needs in Texas, Alpha Testing can meet your need for hollow stem auger, wire-line coring, wash rotary and air rotary drilling with in-house crews and equipment.  |  read more on Drilling >

Technical Seminars and Training Courses

In Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio, Alpha Testing engineering seminars come to you! For engineering PDH and architectural CEU, Alpha Testing presents on geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, or construction materials engineering in Texas. Laboratory and office tours are available.  |  read more on Seminars and Training >