Tech Seminars/Training

In Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio, Alpha Testing engineering seminars come to you! For engineering PDH and architectural CEU, Alpha Testing presents on geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, or construction materials engineering in Texas. Laboratory and office tours are available.

We can also specifically tailor courses on topics of your choice, within our core competencies.  

Each Alpha Testing technical seminar is designed to meet requirements of your professional development hours (PDH) or continuing education units (CEU), and are formatted to meet self-reporting requirements.

Technical Seminars Offered:

Geotechnical Engineering Seminar:
Provides information to architects, civil and structural engineers, developers and owners in determining proper foundation systems. Our seminars focus on the differences and characteristics of local geology and the impact to design. Suitable for entry level to the most experienced audience, we discuss potential soil induced movements, and the damage it can cause to structures. Methods commonly used during construction to reduce the potential for post-construction soil movement are explored.

Construction Materials Testing and Engineering Seminar:
Provides information to architects, civil and structural engineers, developers and owners to insure plans and specifications are being followed during construction. Alpha Testing seminars focus on the different categories of material testing and the corresponding reports, calling out "things to look for" as a project progresses.

Environmental Engineering Seminar:
Provides information for developers and owners, and the architects, land planners, civil engineers and financial institutions that are involved in a project. Seminar focuses on Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, timing, and the corresponding reports. Asbestos and Lead Surveys are also discussed.

Training - Client Directed:
Alpha Testing can provided specific, targeted training sessions on any area within - or related to - our core competencies. Examples include asbestos management, environmental regulatory reporting, use of maturity meters in concrete testing, pavement design parameters, safety training, quality control plans, and more. Tell us what you need, and we can create the program. 

To schedule a seminar or training session: 

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