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Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, Environmental Services 
Alpha Testing, Inc.

Not Sure Who or What You Need? - ask Jeff Wilt, PG
Jeff is Executive Principal of the firm, with direct environmental, geotechnical and construction services technical experience dating to 1986. He will be able to match your specific technical, business development, or proposal need to the appropriate staff.
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Dispatch - Construction Materials Testing

Dallas 972/421-2938
Fort Worth 817/496-5600
Houston 713/360-0462
San Antonio 210/249-2098

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Geotechnical Mark McKay, PE
Construction Materials Junior Hernandez
Environmental Chris Talamini, PG
Accounting Jeff Thomas, CFO
Business Development Jacob Wadlington

Fort Worth

Geotechnical Brian Hoyt, PE
Construction Materials Tim Begole, CET
Business Development Jeff Wilt, PG



Geotechnical Lee Mitchell, PE
Construction Materials Joe Culley, SET
Business Development Sean Bowman

San Antonio      

Geotechnical Adam Heiman, PE
Construction Materials Philip Johnson, PE
Business Development Courtney Ball

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